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Coolest Box of Popcorn Costume

Every year at Halloween time I ask my son what he wants to be for Halloween. This year he chose a Homemade Box of Popcorn Costume. Knowing I couldn’t go purchase one his size, I decided to make it. I made the frame out of pipe insulation from Home Depot and stiff floral wire. It’s shaped into a rectangle nicely. Then I sewed together 4″ strips of red and white felt and scalloped the top like the real popcorn boxes. I hot glued on some felt straps to hold the frame onto my son’s shoulders. Then I used some white felt for the top part and glued in some bubble wrap for puffiness and then hot glued on some packing peanuts to the top of that. The hat is made from an ear warmer that I stitched white felt on and glued more packing peanuts on that. I cut out the star and POPCORN and stitched those on the front. I used a large font in word and printed it out as my template for the letters.

Coming up with the correct butter color was a challenge. I first had it too orange, then too yellow, but I got a nice combination and colored the popcorn with the paint and a paintbrush. Opened up some armholes from two seams in each side and wa la… we have a yummy box of popcorn.

That is basically how I came up with this costume; took about 5 days off and on, lots of stitching, lots of felt and lots of glue from the glue gun.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Homemade Box of Popcorn Costume

Homemade Box of Popcorn Costume

Homemade Box of Popcorn Costume

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