My daughter made all of the pieces to her Popcorn costume this year – and I helped her glue it together with hot glue.  She used the spray insulation foam and sprayed blobs of it on a table covered in saran wrap (she did this outside of course!).   She waited a few days and then spray painted the tops of the “popcorn” with yellow spray paint.

For the box she used foam board and painted the red stripes.  We put the box together by taping the outside edges with white duct tape, and then I hot glued the inside edges.  We made a couple of straps with the duct tape and glued them inside the box to rest on her shoulders and then we glued a piece of white fleece inside the box above the straps, cutting a hole in it for her head.  The popcorn pieces were glued on the fleece and box.

We also took a headband and glued a few popcorn pieces on it so she looked like she just poked her head out of the box.  She printed the “PopCorn” label from our computer and glued that on the front and back of the box.  She decorated a thermos with a “Fizzy Pop” sign and stuck a large pixie stick in it to look like a straw for her candy basket.  She loved “Popping” her head out of the popcorn to surprise people!