For this costume you’ll need:

Four 20” x 30” foam boards from office store or variety store ($2.75 each)
1.5” painter’s tape (usually blue tape which doesn’t stick much so it can be removed easily)
Red, glossy spray paint
White duct tape
Razor knife
Metal, 24” ruler (office store)
Rubber cement (craft or variety stores in school section)
Red felt tip pen
Straps to rest on top of shoulders (sewing store will cut for you)
Real popcorn
Hot glue gun or glue (hot works better because it will dry faster when gluing popcorn)
Flattened cardboard box for putting underneath foam board when you are using razor knife

With razor knife and metal ruler, cut foam board to be 19” width on top, 14.5” width on bottom
Cut zig-zag 3” each edge

Use painter’s tape and tape from top of foam board to bottom, following the angle of the side. Tape on bottom of board should be spaced 1” apart. You should end up with 5 pieces of tape on one board. At bottom, measure 1” from left edge and then begin taping (the stripes on the ends of the foam board should be red).

Spray paint the foam board with tape on it. Let dry; remove painter’s tape and white will be underneath so you have the red and white stripes!

Cut holes in two pieces of foam board so arms can stick out (I forgot to do this).

Find a popcorn logo on images on computer or in photo of a costume you can purchase online. Print out and enlarge popcorn logo to 11.5 inches on photocopier.

Put piece of white paper over enlarged Popcorn logo and trace with pencil; color words and starburst red.

Cut out and use rubber cement to glue onto foam board. Regular glue will wrinkle paper.

Use white duct tape to tape together foam boards. Be sure to cover your stripes so they don’t all turn red. Spray paint red over the duct tape on corners.

Tape straps for resting on shoulders.

Tape a ledge of foam board around the inside so you can glue popcorn onto it.

Glue popcorn last.