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Cutest Homemade Cabbage Patch Doll Costume for a Baby

I love making Halloween costumes and over the years I have made my fair share. Oompa Loompa’s, Shrek, a butler carrying a head on a platter. My daughter in law wanted me to crochet a wig for my six month old granddaughter Addisyn to be a Cabbage Patch doll for Halloween. She already looks like a little doll.

I made the wig and it was real cute, but I just couldn’t stop there! I knew I had to do more to make her into a real Cabbage Patch doll. I decided to construct a doll box to put her in. I measured her sitting in an umbrella stroller to get the depth I needed giving plenty of room for feet.  I took foam board and taped and hot glued into a box with the back open. I cut notches in the top and bottom to coincide with the metal frame of the umbrella stroller.

I wrapped the entire thing in poster board. I cut out the opening to look like a Cabbage Patch doll box. I painted and decorated with a logo I printed out from the computer and Modge Podged it on the front. I cut a piece of fabric that would be the “back” of the box. I hot glued it to the top, sides and back of the box. I made sure there was enough slack so that when we put Addisyn in the stroller seat the fabric wouldn’t pull away from the box. I laid the box onto the front of the stroller.

I had a dress that I had saved from when my daughter was an infant that I had made out of the material from my junior senior prom. This dress is 31 years old, it looked like something a doll would wear. All that was left was to put her wig on, give her a pacifier and watch people’s reactions. Everybody loved it! My daughter in law and son said that when they went trick of treating people would stop them and take a picture of her.

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