After having made boy costumes for the past 10 years, I was more than excited to make one for my 7 month old daughter! In trying to think up a costume, I flashed back to memories of things that I loved as a child. After days of pondering, I finally figured it out!  A Cabbage Patch doll!  How cute could that be?!  Knowing that I would be taking 3 children trick-or-treating this year, I was most sure that I wanted to push my daughter in her stroller, rather than carry her.

Then the idea of mimicking the “Cabbage Patch Kids” box, came to mind. I started with her wig. I took a toboggan, made beads of hot glue, and attached thick yellow yarn. I made sure to glue it in the directions I wanted the “hair” to part. I also added bangs. Next I got a large box. I cut the front in the shape of a real cabbage patch box, according to a picture I found online. Then cut the top flaps off.  I left the bottom ones only to help hide the bottom of the stroller.

The hardest part was getting the box cut to where it would just slip over her stroller. I cut the back out, all except for about 3-4 inches at the top, so it would sit on the top of the back of her seat. I then painted it yellow, hot glued green fabric inside (leaving enough to cover her seat), and decorated it with emblems I printed off, and used magic markers for the smaller details and wording.

I entered my children in the annual Food City Costume Contest on October 29, 2013.  My little Cabbage Patch Doll (in the box) won first place in her age category!  I was super proud, as there were 38 others in this group. All the burns from the hot glue gun, fighting with the fabric, and paper cuts were well worth it in the end. Everyone who saw us had to stop and take pictures, and comment on how creative and cute it was!