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Coolest Homemade Cabbage Patch Doll Baby Costume

We did this Homemade Cabbage Patch Doll Baby Costume for our first baby and wanted to make one for our second baby too. Our previous entry is the Coolest Cabbage Patch Kid Costume 2. We built it out of wood and painted it by hand, it is 1.75 scale of an original Cabbage Patch Kid box.

The birth certificate is an official Cabbage Patch birth certificate specially ordered with our baby’s real name and birth date. We dressed her in an outfit that is similar to doll clothes. She is 8 months old. We had a lot of fun creating this fun costume and our baby loved it too.

Materials used:

Teddy bear
Teething toy
Baby outfit
Birth certificate
Cabbage Patch Doll and Box for reference


1. Measure actual baby and Cabbage Patch doll to find what scale to build to. Measure wood and trace cuts. Cut wood to match original cabbage patch doll box. Nail wood together.
2. Pick paint colors similar to original Cabbage Patch doll box. Measure and map where each item is to be painted. Trace with pencil first and then paint.
3. Selected contents from our baby’s actual stuff that matches the baby stuff that a Cabbage Patch doll comes. Order a Birth Certificate from Cabbage Patch. Arrange and affix stuff inside wooden box to match the inside of an actual Cabbage doll box.
4. Pick a baby outfit that looks most like a doll outfit. Dress baby and fix her hair. Place baby in box, make her smile and take picture.

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