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Coolest Cabbage Patch Kid Costume

My husband and I decided to have our baby be a Cabbage Patch Kid for her first Halloween because everybody says she looks like one. We built it out of wood and painted it by hand, it is 1.75 scale of an original Cabbage Patch Kid box. We have included an official Babyland General Hospital blanket purchased from Cabbage Patch.

The birth certificate is an official Cabbage Patch birth certificate specially ordered with our baby’s real name and birth date. We dressed her in an outfit that is similar to doll clothes and yes that is her real hair. She is 6 months old. We had a lot of fun creating this fun costume and our baby loved it too.

Materials used:

Teddy bear
Teething toy
Blanket (two)
Baby outfit
Birth certificate
Cabbage Patch Doll and Box for reference


1. Measure actual baby and Cabbage Patch doll to find what scale to build to. Measure wood and trace cuts. Cut wood to match original cabbage patch doll box. Nail wood together.
2. Pick paint colors similar to original Cabbage Patch doll box. Measure and map where each item is to be painted. Trace with pencil first and then paint.
3. Select contents from my baby’s actual stuff that will match the baby stuff that a Cabbage Patch doll comes with (including the birth certificate we already had from a gift.) Arrange and affix stuff inside wooden box to match the inside of an actual Cabbage doll box.
4. Pick a baby outfit that looks most like a doll outfit. Dress baby and fix her hair. Place baby in box, make her smile and take picture.

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18 thoughts on “Coolest Cabbage Patch Kid Costume”

  1. That is an adorable cabbage patch baby you have there. I thought it was a “real” baby in a box at first! Your daughter looks completely comfortable as a cabbage patch baby. It looks like you spent a lot of thought and time on this and your baby has a lucky future ahead of her if you and your husband are always this attentive!

  2. What a gorgeous little girl! She is even more adorable than a Cabbage Patch doll… very creative & great work on the hand painting!

  3. OMG, what a great memory to have of her in her cabbage patch costume. She is precious and she certainly looks like a lil doll. I love it. Congrats on an awesome costume!!!

  4. That has to be the cutest costume I’ve seen so far! and I pretty much looked at every one on this site. I’m a huge CPK fan, I grew up with those dolls! awesome job!

  5. That is just to cute to troughtr and she is the cutest little babie !! She does look like a babie doll but i have something to ask how did yall carry her around?
    And uhhmmm yeah okay well byee

  6. This is the Cutest costume i have ever seen, it’s awesome, I love it! Your Baby is Beautiful!!!!!! You did a Great job, great costume

  7. You might want to check out Old Navy’s Facebook Page, looks like someone is trying to claim fame for your idea! She say’s it’s her baby and she is only 6 months old and her name is jessa….

  8. OH MY GOD I found this on pinterest it caught my eye because my daughter look so much like your daughter there smile and everything except mine has dark brown hair and gray eyes :))) but she looks cute!!!

  9. Hi love, do you still have this box because my daughter looks like a cabbage patch baby as well and I wanted something like this to take her pictures in. Her first birthday is going to be this theme. If you still have it, could you email me at keajhia24@gmail.com and I will buy it from you.


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