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Cutest Couple Costume Ever – Toy Story 3’s Ken and Barbie

My boyfriend and I wanted to dress up for our youth group’s Halloween party last year (2011), but had no idea what to do, especially since we didn’t want to BUY our costumes… we brain stormed for about a week. I liked my “David and Goliath” idea, since I am 5’4 and my boyfriend is 6’8. But then my boyfriend, Jordan, came up with greatest couples costume idea ever! Ken and Barbie from Toy Story 3. It was perfect because we both have blonde hair. I loved it! And was very proud of Jordan for thinking it up all on his own. So I went online and found some pictures of the specific Ken and Barbie we wanted to be. Jordan’s Ken costume consisted of: A Hawaiian printed shirt from a thrift shop for like 3 bucks, a pair of XXL WOMEN’s bright blue shorts on clearance from Walmart, a woman’s white sparkly belt and a teal scarf, total being around $7.00. The finishing touch was his white golfing shoes. My Barbie costume was little more hard to find, being that mine included a shiny metallic blue unitard. I never found the unitard, but I did find the perfect material at Hobby Lobby. So my mom and I decided to make leggings and a tank top with this material. (The cost was about $8). Then i used some bright pink ribbon as a belt, borrowed pink leg warmers from a friend, and wore my bright purple stilettos. And there you go! Your real life Ken and Barbie from Toy Story 3!

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