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Cute Homemade Miser Brothers Christmas Costume

It took me a few months to make their costumes perfect. I don’t own a sewing machine, so I did a lot of the sewing at work while on break. The wigs were spray painted and the red wig for the Heat Miser had Christmas lights sewn in with a battery pack so it would flash and light up. Unfortunately, you couldn’t tell in the photos. I took photos without the flash but they came out too dark. I made these for Christmas cards and the kids loved it. Everyone told them how much they loved their costumes and that they were the best cards they ever got.

We even dressed the kids up and went to see Santa in their costumes. The pictures was too funny. The Miser Brothers with Santa. They loved it and everyone gathered around on both sides of the gate to watch them get their pictures taken while they snapped photos and laughed calling for the Miser brothers. People wanted their pictures taken with them.

The kids were 6 and almost 1 and they loved every minute of it.

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