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Coolest Homemade Heat Miser and Snow Miser Halloween Couple Costume Idea

This year my wife and I wanted to do something a little different so we went with classic cartoons from our childhood. We decided about a week before Halloween that we had this homemade Heat Miser and Snow Miser Halloween couple costume idea from the children’s holiday classic “The Year without a Santa Claus from 1974”.

We started with a couple of large balloons, then went with a paper mache mix of flour and water and a little bit of bleach. We learned from last year that the bleach is needed to stop small rodents from eating our masterpieces (tip from a school teacher about the bleach). We blew up our balloons and used soft foam to shape the outlines of the shapes needed to complete the facial features. We used packing tape to tape the foam onto the balloons, then went onto paper mache. Covered the balloons and waited a day for them to dry.

The following day we let the air out of the balloons and had our basic shapes for our heads. For the hair on both masks we used poly-fill (its the stuff you find inside of pillows and blankets). Spray paint was used for the colors in Heat Misers hair, after the hair was painted we used a glue gun to glue the poly-fill onto both masks.

We used cardboard to make the hat for Snow Miser due to the size a regular hat just did not look right. The masks were both sprayed painted with speckle paint to give them a more textured look instead of the smooth look you get from the paper mache. After they dried again my wife then took acrylic paints and painted the faces on both masks.

The clothes were just basic everyday clothes with a little help from the paint from Heat Miser’s hair, quick flame job on the shirt and then a few scrap pieces of fabric and cut the fringe out and used a glue gun to glue these fabric cutouts on the the red shirt and the blue shirt. We then sprayed the shirts with glitter in a spray can to give the clothes a glittery effect.

Total hours spent on both costumes was a little less than 15-16 hrs . We got lots of people asking where we rented our costumes from and its a great feeling telling them we made them ourselves.


Homemade Heat Miser and Snow Miser Halloween Couple Costume Idea

Homemade Heat Miser and Snow Miser Halloween Couple Costume Idea

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13 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Heat Miser and Snow Miser Halloween Couple Costume Idea”

  1. These costumes are outstanding. Best I have seen. I love that they are homemade. So creative. I would rent them for sure. One of my all time fav holiday classics. I hope you guys win. Great Job!!!!!!

  2. So much effort and care went into these two costumes. The ingenuity was terrific, with a little imagination all the pieces came together to relive childhood memories! Its amazing what can be done with a little paper, balloons, water glue, paint and old clothes. Hooray for Heat Miser & Snow Miser.

  3. This is really a great set of costumes. Truly original, you find these in the pop-up Halloween store or Party City.

    It’s great to see a couple taking so much time to make a thoughtful, original costume. I’ll be singing the Heatmiser song to myself all night!

  4. Workmanship & originality seem to make these costume “jump out at you”. It appears a lot of thought & hardwork pays off. These Two outfits are definite WINNERS.

  5. Imagination & hard work have produced two costumes that are definite winners. They look like they took the original costumes from the TV set. Good luck & congratulations for a job well done.


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