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Coolest Homemade Heat Miser and Snow Miser Couple Costumes

Here is a photo of my two boys as Heat Miser and Snow Miser from the movie, “A Year Without A Santa Claus”. This is an old favorite movie of mine that I shared with my boys and they loved the movie and the songs that Heat and Snow Miser sing. So together we decided to create the homemade Heat Miser and Snow Miser couple costumes.

From the computer I printed the face of Heat Miser and Snow Miser then had the faces enlarged and laminated. Next, I cut out their eye openings where the eyebrows are supposed to be since the faces have such unique and big eyes! I also made slits on either side of the face and knotted elastic in the slits and the elastic wrapped around the head so that the mask would stay on.

For the body I used a red and blue vinyl material to make the shirt and cut upside down v’s in the bottom of the shirt to make the shirt look ragged just like in the movie. I also made shoe coverings from the vinyl for each character.

For the hair I bought a white stretch winter cap and sewed on white hair to make the white wig and an orange stretch winter cap with wild orange hair to make his hair really crazy looking! I guess you could also buy wigs but it was more fun making the hair and again, then it would be unique – no one else would have hair quite like it!

Not all kids know about this movie but for those who do, it’s a family favorite passed on to the next generation! And with school parties where the kids cannot be anything scary, these costumes work perfectly as they are original and classic!

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