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Coolest Heat Miser and Snow Miser Couple Costume

For both Heat and Snow Miser, large pieces of colored fleece were purchased from the fabric store. Using a sewing machine (not very well) I sewed the costume “dresses”. I used red felt to create the pointed collar for Heat Miser and was attached with hot glue. For Snow Miser I took a blue scarf and added navy blue duck tape for stripes (easy non-sew solution). Heat Miser sported orangish tights and Snow Miser wore light blue tights. Heat Misers hair was ingenious…I purchased a “Don King” wig and spray painted it with colored hair spray (red and orange: that you get at costume stores) and then to get it to stay up and not fall down (after drying it a bit) I sprayed it with clear spray paint. Allowed it to dry and voila, a Heat Miser wig.

Cold Miser’s hat was purchased at a costume store and his icicle nose was skin putty with hot glue drips attached. I dripped hot glue onto my granite counter, allowed it to cool and then stuck it onto the nose putty for realistic and impressive icicles. Heat Misers nose was simply a foam clown nose. For our shoes, we wore regular sneakers with felt wrapped around each sneaker, both having triangle collars (shoes were the hardest part). Heat Miser was given a white glow with white body paint on face, neck, hair and arms. Heat Miser’s eyebrows were tainted red with lipstick and face was dabbed with blush. Both costumes were then sprayed with gold sparkle body spray.

Finally, you may notice that like in the movie each Miser only has 4 fingers. We tucked the extra finger of the gloves into the glove and shoved the middle and ring fingers into one finger. And there you have it, our Homemade Heat Miser and Snow Miser Couple Costume.

Homemade Heat Miser and Snow Miser Couple Costume

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