My husband has always loved Star Wars, and I think Ewoks are the cutest things ever so I knew I had to whip up a little something for my sons first trick-or-treating adventure. I did my research and saw tons of great ideas and ended up finding a cute little bear costume super cheap, and then we started making edits and adding on to make the Ewok costume.

I  bought a cheap large brown t-shirt to use for the head cover, and I just put a few little stitches in it to hold it in place against the bear head piece. I then just used a scissors to get the shape and size i wanted. Lastly I couldn’t quite decide how to make it look a little more rusticy, and then at a flea market I came across cute beaded and feather necklace that I split apart and positioned around the face. Hardest part was just getting him to even put the costume for my own amusement, and it was bigger than expected so walking was a bit tough (luckily he was still small enough that he got pushed around in the stroller all night). Many people didn’t have a clue what he was, which of course devastated me. But i realized most of those people also weren’t super into Star Wars. Our fellow star wars fans knew exactly what he was though.
Overall I loved the costume, he was so darn stinking cute!