Sexy Homemade Ariel Costume

I’ve always loved Disney, but what made me love it 100x more was doing the Disney College Program in the fall of 2012. I truly got to experience the magic of Disney and gained a greater appreciation for Walt Disney himself. He truly made his dreams come true! Having the Disney spirit, and being one of my favorite Disney princesses, I knew I wanted to be Ariel for Halloween. To gain inspiration, I browsed other costumes online via Pinterest. Here is how I took that inspiration and created my own costume:

Seashell Bra: I bought a purple bra and 2 plastic seashells. I painted the seashells the same shade of purple as the bra, and then I decorated it with glitter, pearls and rhinestones.

Fin: For the fin, I found this awesome green scaly fabric at Joann’s. I made my own pattern by having my mom trace my body on a piece of cardboard. I cut out the outline of my body, set it on top of the fabric and traced it. When cutting the fabric, I measured out two additional inches for a one inch seam allowance and some wiggle room. After cuttting out the outline twice, I sewed the two pieces together and tried it on. It fit perfectly because the fabric was very stretchy–which I highly recommend. For the bottom portion, I found a lighter green shimmery fabric. All I did was pleat it along the bottom of the darker green fabric. Super easy, and note that I have VERY LITTLE sewing experience.

Hairpiece: For my hairpiece, I found a sparkly pink flower at Hobby Lobby and simply just hotglued it onto a hairclip.

Makeup: It’s hard to see in the pictures, but for my eyes I did sparkly blues and heavy mascara. I also did a red lip.

Oh, and don’t forget your dinglehopper :)

My costume got a TON of compliments the night I wore it out. I even won second place in a costume contest at a local bar. Overall, I would say that this was my favorite Halloween costume of all time! It’s so special when you create it yourself and recieve compliments on how awesome your costume looks :)


Sexy Homemade Ariel Costume

Sexy Homemade Ariel Costume

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