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Cute Cabbage patch Baby Costume

I made this Cabbage Patch baby costume with a box, wrapping paper, stickers, and brown yarn. I cut the box out and wrapped it with green and yellow wrapping paper with stickers on it. Took brown yarn and crocheted a brown hat then took the yarn and made two pigtails on the hat and made little bangs on the front of the hat and then attached two ribbons to the pig tails.

The best part was everyone’s reaction. A lot of people thought she was a real doll and were amazed of how real she really looked and a lot of people just said looking at her made their day and just smiled so big. I uploaded her picture to a local news station and everyone was so excited about her costume  that a lot of people on FB have shared and shared her pic over and over again plus she got 1100 plus likes being posted on the news Facebook page it’s crazy.

This costume was a hit everywhere we went just made me feel proud of doing this for my daughter and loved the attention she got from everyone else.

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