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Cute Baby Halloween Costume: Sophia from the Golden Girls!

This is my little love, Gianna, dressed as Sophia from the Golden Girls. We (okay…just me) LOVE the Golden Girls and I couldn’t resist turning my 5-month-old baby into one of my favorite characters. The thing I love most about this costume (aside from it being HILARIOUS!) is how inexpensive and easy it was to make! I swung by my local dollar store and snagged some cheap cotton balls and hot glued them to a hat she already owned, but was quickly outgrowing. The pants, undershirt, and cardigan were clothes that she already owned (sad when a 5 month old’s clothing can pass for an old lady’s! haha), and the broach was borrowed from a friend. For the glasses I stopped by a local thrift store and after washing the frames took a hammer to pop out the plastic lenses. She has a hand-knitted blanket over her as well.

I can’t even begin to tell you the reaction people have to this! The DIE laughing the second they see her. The photo has been up on Facebook for only a few hours and already has 800 likes. I just think she’s the cutest :)

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