Easy Peasy Big Bang Theory Couple Costume

When you are dating a “boy” who is not only obsessed with the Big Bang Theory, but who frequently reminds you of its lead character, a costume like ours was a no brainer, and easy too! Several times I have thought to myself, “He is acting like Sheldon Cooper.” When I proposed the idea to him, he was on board!

Fortunately, I’m more like Amy Farrah Fowler than I realized (minus the brown hair, glasses and tiara). Upon searching my closet, my costume was over half-way there! I had the skirt, cardigan, collared shirt, and green under shirt, but I promise I have never worn them together until this year!

The boyfriend already had a pair of khakis, brown shoes, and a grey shirt, so I knew all he had to have was the Flash shirt (zoom zoom zoom). I easily found a flash shirt on Amazon (thank you Amazon prime, and no, Amazon did not pay me to advertise for them, I just love them so much).

I decided to check out a local Halloween store and found a “Hippie” wig, which was the closest thing I could find to Amy’s hair. I then proceeded to my local thrift store and found a perfect pair of Mary Jane flat shoes, and a pair of tortoise shell glasses (which I popped the lenses out of since I didn’t want to stumble around all evening). I bought a pair of brown tights from Target, and then a tiara from Party City for the awesome price of .99! Amy loves her Tiara, and so I knew I had to have one too. Besides, what girl doesn’t get a little giddy wearing a tiara?

It was a warm day in October, and my 3 layers on top, and two on the bottom were pretty toasty! I have a LOT of blonde curly hair, so getting my hair to hide up in the wig was a challenge. Thankfully, my best friend was like MacGyver and hid it perfectly.

Sheldon wouldn’t let me show him much affection throughout the evening, but everyone (who knew who we were) thought our costumes were great! If there was a prize for best costume, I’m sure we would have one! I’ve gotten so many compliments on our costume, and it’s pretty fun to dress up for Halloween without being the stereotypical sex symbol women seem to think they now have to be!

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