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Coolest Homemade Golden Girls Group Costume Idea

I have always loved the Golden Girls so some friends and I got together and decided to make it happen! We watched some of the episodes and went to work at Goodwill trying to find the perfect outfits to suit our characters. The costume for Sophia included the glasses and glasses chain, wicker purse, white wig, white button up shirt with brooch at the neck, skirt, knee highs and flat tan shoes.

The costume for Blanche included black taper legged dress pants, black high heels, a red dress shirt, polka dot blazer and brown wig. The costume for Rose consisted of a tan dress, panty hose, off white shoes with a small heel, and blonde wig. The costume for Dorothy includes off white dress pants, brown shoes, an off white blazer shirt combination, necklace, earrings, red sweater and grey wig. I also went online and searched Ebay to buy the used wigs, Sophia’s glasses and purse.

The Homemade Golden Girls Group Costume Idea was really easy to put together and everyone loved it!

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