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Easy Saved by the Bell Kelly Kapowski Costume

The 90’s are one of my favorite times, so I decided to channel my inner Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell. Kelly’s look was iconic from the big hair to her super cute outfits. There were so many different options to choose from but I wanted something simple and classic. So I decided on the bayside sweater, jean shorts, pearly white shoes and a few props I made myself to help identify who I was. It was super comfortable, fun and really easy to do so get creative. Listed below is how to accomplish my costume from top to bottom.

First things first, the Bayside Sweater. You can find on amazon. You can easily search Bayside Tigers Sweatshirt and I would recommend the one sold by Tuffy McPuggles as it fit the best. Id say that is going to be the biggest purchase of about $30.The shorts, I already had so that was one less thing I had to buy.

Second, comes the shoes. She wore a lot of Keds tennis shoes, which truthfully you can find just about anywhere. I found some on amazon that were very similar to Keds for $9. I figured if they’re going to be white and get dirty, I wasn’t going to spend a lot on these shoes. However, your alternative would be to do a different color like red or pink as she often wore those.

The rest of the costume consisted of personal touches. Pom Poms, I heart Zack necklace, buttons, and a binder.

Pom Poms, you can either get at a local Party City or if you want to go the cheap route, order them off amazon also. Mine were $5.

If you are a big saved by the bell fan like I am, you will remember the classic episode where zack schemes his way into putting hidden messages in Kelly’s cassette tape to get her to ask him to the dance. I mean who is Kelly without her Zack Morris right? It was super easy to make, all you need is red ribbon, red paper, and white sticker letters. I simply cute out a heart in the red paper (I had multiple to add layers so it wasn’t so flimsy) attached the ribbon and glued the stickers on the heart. It was a hit!

I also made buttons, one that said I heart Zack Morris and another that said No Hope with Dope! the buttons can be found for $2 at Michaels.

Last but certainly not least, I wanted something more and couldn’t decide how I wanted to bring a purse with this costume so I decided to make a binder. Kelly always carried a binder, or books and folders with her so I grabbed a binder from work, printed out some 90s background wallpaper, and pics of zack and the rest of the gang. I put my wristlet inside the binder and tada, prop that also functions as a “purse” lol plus if someone really doesn’t get your costume thats an easy go to so you can show them exactly who you are!

Hopefully like myself, you have long brown hair that tends to get frizzy if you dont manage it so as for the big hair, really all i did was blow dry it (to for the volume), teased it and put a ton of hairspray.

And now you are your own Kelly Kapowski! I hope this is as fun for you as it was for me. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your zack morris out there. (or find one to do as a couples costume.)


Easy Saved by the Bell Kelly Kapowski Costume

Easy Saved by the Bell Kelly Kapowski Costume

Easy Saved by the Bell Kelly Kapowski Costume

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