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Coolest Saved by the Bell Homemade Couples Halloween Costume

My husband and I decided to go as Saved By The Bell’s Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski this year for Halloween. We were not only inspired because of our love for the show, but I am a brunette and he is a tall blonde, so we figured it was our given birthright to re-create these characters at some point in our lives.

For the Zack Costume, we purchased the light denim jeans, Hang Ten tee and button up maroon shirt from Savers. He was wearing Nike high tops that we got at a vintage thrift shop and his blonde wig was from a local Halloween store. He does have blonde hair beneath the wig, but we thought that for effect, the wig would really spruce up the look. I created his Zack Morris phone with a small cardboard box and gray spray paint for the exterior. I made the phone extremely over-sized to really create the visual of how many of us remember Zack Morris’ cell phone. I used the antenna from an old cordless phone on top and created the buttons and front display with printed decals made in paint and foam sticker paper. Lastly, I poked holes in the top of the cardboard for the earpiece.

For the Kelly Costume, I decided to go with “The Max” version of Kelly as she worked there throughout several of the seasons and her outfit was a trademark that I haven’t seen done as often in Halloween costumes. I purchased a red plain cotton tee from Michaels. I then created the Max logo in paint and printed it onto a dark fabric transfer paper in white. Then, I just had to iron on the logo to the shirt and voila, my Kelly Kapowski uniform was almost complete! I already had the skirt, shoes and belt similar to what her uniform was in the show and the only other thing that I purchased was a pizza pan from Walmart in order to give the full waitress effect.

All of our friends and family really loved our costumes, especially because many of us grew up watching the show. The biggest show stopper was the Zack Morris phone of course! Everyone we encountered loved it and asked us where we got it/how we made it. Overall, this costume was one of our favorites we’ve ever done.

Coolest Saved by the Bell Homemade Couples Halloween Costume

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