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Creepy Parasitic Alien/Monster Costume Inspired by Resident Evil

Each Halloween I strive to create a costume that is unique or seldom if ever seen before. After seeing watching the movie Prometheus, the idea for an alien of sorts came to mind, one that has never been seen before. The problem now, is how to present it. After brainstorming, I drew inspiration from one of my favorite games, Resident Evil 4, which has monsters called “Las Plagas”, which were people that were infected with a parasite that bursted from their heads.

Sketches were made, and then it was off to make it as time was of the essence, especially if using papier mache. I covered 7 balloons with papier mache, and started to assemble them. I opted to use a flexible cord that is normally used for craft necklaces so that the costume had the flexibility to move around a bit when I’m walking, to give it some life. After several support tests, I had to remove 3 of the balloons as the cord system was not strong enough to create the shap I had intended, but found that half the size would mean half the weight.

After assembly, I started to paint and create teeth out of fake fingernails. As this was all happening, during my papier mache process (in between the drying times) I made some eyes using clear casting resin on a child’s paint palette. I painted the resin eyes and glued them to the costume. Next, I used some liquid latex and painted it onto my own neck, adding one layer of toilet paper, and several coatings of the latex. The purpose of this was to create a mold of my neck to give the effect of the monster bursting out through my neck. When it was dried and torn, I painted it and glued it to the base of the costume. Then it was time to rip and bloody up an old dress shirt and hit the town with my costume.

I got very positive reactions with no heads going unturned wondering what is that? How can it stand? Who made that awesome costume?

Although it deviated from my original vision, I am truly happy with the outcome and hope to make a new creation next Halloween.

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