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Creative Transformers Costume

I could not say no to my son Dylan when he wanted to be a Transforming Optimus Prime for Halloween. We made this creative Transformers costume from scratch. Deciding what materials to use as we went along.

To make this costume we used boxes, paper towel tubes, tires from an firetruck toy, spray paint, paint, Velcro, hinges and a decal. This costume took a few weekends to create. Dylan helped with designing the costume, stenciling and painting. Making the costume transform properly was really just trial and error. He must have had to “transform” a hundred times so I could make it transform flawlessly. All the kids gather around everywhere he has worn this costume. I wish there was more opportunities to wear this rather than just in October. He is always so proud when he wears this.

It was definitely worth all the work I put into it. It was worth every minute I put into it!

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