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Creative Homemade Rave Girl Costume

I wanted to do something creative and different but still “sexy”. We went so a huge Halloween party and I was the only Raver. I wanted to be colorful but put together which was the hardest party I didn’t want to look “tacky”. I searched around for fuzzy leg warmers, arm warmers, wig, jewelry, and makeup. I took pictures and made a collage to make sure it all went together.

People adored my  Rave Girl Costume even though I was asked if I was everything from “power-puff girl” to “Lady Gaga” lol. I ended with a little black dress, fuzzy pink boot covers, rainbow arm warmers, an adorable blue pixie wig, a hot pink sequined backpack, a necklace with all the colors I had on, and some thigh high stockings to add some sexiness. I used some bright pink eyeshadow with glitter, and bright pink lip stick, I also added some nail gems to my eyes. I hope you like, it was fun.

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