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Coolest Zombie DIY Costume

I made this zombie costume as a doctor zombie. I Used my name tag from work, and bought blue scrubs, drenched them in blood, burned holes, rubbed them outside in dirt, and ripped them. I put the stethoscope in my front pocket, and a bloody bandage on my arm.

I used white/black/red face-paint to paint my face. I painted teeth on my lips using a small paintbrush using the black and white colors. I used black around my eyes and white face paint. I had temporary tattoo scars on my cheek and forehead, one as a bullet hole.

I put blood coming from my mouth, and nose as if I ate someone to give it the best effect. I also used white mesh contacts & messed up my hair to finish. It was pretty easy as long as you take your time.

Coolest Zombie Costume 31

Coolest Zombie Costume 31

Coolest Zombie Costume 31

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