I really wanted me and my boyfriend to dress up as my favorite Disney characters Buzz and Woody. For the Buzz outfit I purchased a child’s Buzz Lightyear costume from the Disney store and cut off the legs. I then put a black leather skirt with it and added some white pumps where I wrote ‘ANDY’ on one of the shoes. I also added some white knee high socks and a green petticoat for the underneath of my skirt!

For the Woody costume we bought a cowboy hat and vest online. It was really difficult to find a yellow shirt with red stripes so we got a plain yellow shirt and drew on the red stripes with a sharpie! We also got a red neck scarf too!

The outfits worked really well and we definitely got some laughs on the night out! We even got people taking turns to take their picture with us! It was great!

I would definitely recommend this to couples as a great costume idea, gets a lot of laughs and you also have a lot of fun making them in the process!