Coolest Wayne and Garth Couple Costume from Wayne’s World

We went all out to create the most authentic Wayne and Garth Couple Costume from Wayne’s World. We bought reverse-fit jeans from Walmart (tighter around the ankle, loose and relaxed fit through the hip and thigh). Wayne’s hat is HAND made with white-out. Garth’s sporting a killer Aerosmith t shirt that we scored after the concert that we got to via the mirthmobile.

We actually teased my friend’s hair to get it to have that rat’s-nest-look to it that Garth is naturally blessed with. And a flannel, to keep warm on those cold aurora nights. Ultimate accessory that just took our costumes to the next level: backstage passes to ALICE COOPER! This photo was taken on Halloween 2005 at Rutgers University-New Brunswick, and continues to be legendary to this day!