Cool Homemade Wayne and Garth Couple Costume

After watching Waynes World one night, my fiancee and I decided that a Wayne and Garth Couple Costume would make a perfect couples costume. The outfits were simple, and the only thing we needed to purchase were wigs, glasses, and a “Waynes World” hat we found on Ebay.

Garth’s costume consisted of a Led Zeppelin T-Shirt (Guns N Roses would’ve worked better, but it’s all we could find), torn jeans, and a plaid shirt. Topped off with a frizzy blonde wig and glasses. I also carried drum sticks and a paper cup in my shirt pocket in case someone needed to “Spew”.

Wayne’s costume was simply a black mullet-type wig, a tight black shirt, ripped jeans, and a Wayne’s World Hat.

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