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Cool Homemade Couples Wayne’s World Costume

We refuse to purchase costumes from those chain stores.  Every year we want to come up with something clever and make it personal.  Half the fun of our halloween costumes are seeing how cheaply we can put them together.  This year we happened upon a picture of two girls as Wayne and Garth and knew we could make it work as a couples costume.  We found our t-shirts at Target, my fiance already had old jeans he never wore that I could cut up and I found my jeans at a thrift store.  I had a the flannel shirt in my closet already.  I bought the glasses at a kiosk at the mall and borrowed drum sticks from a friend.  We did have to order the Wayne’s World hat off eBay and bought a long black wig at CVS.  Our costume was a HIT!  We were even surprised how much everyone loved it.  We walked around the party saying “party on Wayne”, “excellent”, and “schwing”.  I kept my drumsticks in my back pocket and my finace constantly tucked his hair behind his ears.  I kept a brush on hand to keep my hair teased throughout the night.  This costume was cheap, easy and comfortable; can’t beat that!

Cool Homemade Couples Wayne's World Costume

Cool Homemade Couples Wayne's World Costume

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