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Super Easy (and Comfy) Homemade Couples Costume: Wayne’s World

Even after 16 years together, my husband and I almost never do couples costumes but this year decided we finally would! We wanted to be Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World, a nod to how we’re a perfect team. Since I am blonde and we wanted the least wig purchasing possible, I opted to be Garth and he was Wayne.  I highly recommend this costume because it’s totally warm and comfortable and any child of the 80’s will instantly greet you with a “party time, excellent” or “schwing!”

Here’s what we did:

Grabbed two pairs of acid wash jeans and two flannels at a local thrift store and cut lots of holes in the jeans

For Garth:

  • Found the yellow aerosmith t-shirt Garth wears online at a memorabilia store
  • Used a pair of 3D glasses my friend accidentally took home after a movie and punched out the lenses
  • grabbed two cheap drumsticks from a local music store
  • I teased my bangs and used a lot of hairspray to achieve the prime Garth messy hair look

For Wayne:

  • They sell Wayne’s world hats online, so we grabbed one
  • Picked up a “Cleopatra” short black wig and did a bit of a haricut on it to make it more masculine and 80s
  • Wore a standard black tshirt, he already had

For going out, we used the mac program “garage band” to make a new ringtone: Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody so we could play it on demand.

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