When trying to come up with a costume for my daughter this year I knew that I wanted something cool and funny, but also something myself or my husband could join in on. Then it came to me.  Waynes World!  Wayne and Garth.  She basically already had the hair for Garth as you can see in pics below.  The outfits were super easy to come up with.  The only thing I bought was a hat with a built in wig for my husband for Wayne.  I bought it on Ebay.  And a sticker for my daughter’s shirt that says Aerosmith. Also purchased off eBay.  (Aerosmith kids shirts were way too expensive).

Both my husband and daughter already had jeans and Converse All Stars (you could use any tennis shoe though) and flannel shirt was a thrift store purchase. I stuck the sticker on a plain white tee shirt and voila….Wayne and Garth.