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Coolest Vampire Costume with Coffin Wagon!

My husband and I win costume contests every year at an annual party we attend. Since having a baby, we haven’t put much thought into our own costumes, but we certainly weren’t going to slack on our little boy.

I found a really cool vampire costume at the store. It wasn’t a typical cheap, cheesy costume from a party store. I told my husband that I wanted to turn our little red wagon into a coffin. I wasn’t sure how, but I had a picture in my head. Well, when I came home from work that day, my husband had created this amazing coffin! I was shocked!

He basically spray painted cardboard black, and lined the inside with red velvet. Then, he added some plastic chains for appeal! It was incredibly easy, and taped on top of the wagon it held its shape!

We got so many looks and compliments while trick or treating! My almost 2 year old was the coolest kid on the block!

Coolest Vampire Costume with Coffin Wagon!

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