Coolest Uterus Costume

This is a costume of uterus with ovaries and a baby. Whenever I saw a picture of a uterus in a biology book, I thought it always looked like a little person with hands holding white balls. This Coolest Uterus Costume is a very cheap and simple costume to put together.

I started my costume by wearing all red clothing. Then I attached two white styrofoam balls to my arms to represent ovaries. I did this using masking tape. Then I attached a cheap cloth baby doll with a plastic head to my sweater with masking tape. If you do this, be sure to secure the head to your sweater because it is heavy and will pull the doll off the shirt if you do not. Another option for securing the baby doll is to use safety pins, which would make the costume look less messy.

That is all there is to creating this Uterus Costume. Enjoy!

Coolest Uterus Costume

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