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Coolest Labor and Delivery Group Costume

When we were trying to find a cool Halloween costume this year we came across a picture online of a giving birth costume and thought we would try to replicate it.

We built a hospital bed on wheels with plywood and 2×4’s with things we had laying around our garages. They also built a chair inside so I (the one having the baby) could sit and only my top half was showing. My husband (the baby) was sitting below me lower on a cooler with only his head coming through the top of the bed.

We made the legs for the mother with wooden dowels and covered them with extensions for our rain gutters that we had lying around, we covered them with beige tights and added some slippers.

We covered the bed with an egg crate mattress and covered everything with white sheets. We used a shepherds’ hook for plants for the IV pole. A few of us are in the medical field so we were able to get some of the medical supplies that way. We had 2 doctors, 3 nurses, and of course the father with a #1 dad shirt on giving out cigars and carrying a camcorder.

We really did a lot of acting everywhere we went and received 1st place at the local costume party.

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  1. I really love this costume!! Very creative and funny!! I like how they made the actual hospital bed. When I saw this picture I laughed so hard! Good job to the people who made this!!!


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