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Coolest Homemade Swine Flu Costume

During my first year (2009) in grad. school at Radford University, I decided that since the swine flu has been such a scare, that it would make a great “scary” Halloween costume!

Unfortunately only one picture was taken that night, and you can’t clearly see “H1N1” on the shirt.

I had fun pretending to sneeze, and then telling people around me that they had just caught swine flu. That antic got lots of laughs.

I went to the thrift store and bought light pink clothes. I made the front and back of my shirt say “H1N1” in black duct tape. The nose and the ears were home made as this was a last minute idea. The nose was made out of a small plastic cup, with fabric glued over it. I used pipe cleaners to make a “frame” for the ears, and I sewed/glued the fabric in place, and I sewed the ears onto a pink headband. I wore patent leather heels for hooves, and I also wore black gloves.

The tail was made out of several pipe cleaners. (I originally had only one pipe cleaner, but one of my friends decided it was too small and he remade it for me!) Also, I used lots of blush to make my face pink.

My boyfriend said that adding wings would be a nice touch, as the swine flu is airborne. (That could be confused with a “when pigs fly” costume idea, but I think it might have been great with tissues attached to me as well! – My brother made the tissue suggestion.)

I was annoyed at the number of people who didn’t read the HUGE letters on my shirt that said “H1N1.” I had taken a mask from the student health center to wear but I couldn’t find it that night. (Of course, it was in my book bag, but I didn’t see it in there when I looked. That’s how it always goes, right?)

This Homemade Swine Flu Costume was an original idea, or so I thought. After Halloween was over, I was curious, so I searched this idea on Google. There is a pre-made swine flu costume you can buy! I also saw others who had done this for Halloween, but I wasn’t surprised. There are very few great ideas that are only thought of by only one person in the world!

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