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Coolest Swine Flu and Bird Flu Couple Costume

We decided to be the H1N1 virus (said to have begun in Mexico) and the SARS virus (said to have begun in Asia) for Halloween! For the Mexican swine flu, Kevin found an old blanket at a flee market which he cut a hole in to wear as a poncho, a hat donated from a Mexican restaurant I used to work at, bought a pig mask, wore jeans and cowboy boots, held a bottle of tequila, and made a little sign to wear on his hat reading H1N1.

The Asian bird flu was more difficult. I bought several white feather boas and hand sewed them onto a shirt and runner’s shorts. I wanted to look like an Asian geisha, so I did my hair that way, painted my face and hair white, and did my make-up like a chicken/geisha. I added a red rubber glove to the top of my hair (and feathers) to add to the chicken.

I wore an obi around my waist to add to the geisha idea. Yellow tights and yellow rubber gloves on my sneakers added to the effect. I also work a rice-picking hat and a mask you see in doctor’s offices for the flu representation. The SARS sign worn on my back completed the look!

Coolest Swine Flu and Bird Flu Couple Costume

Coolest Bird Flu Costume

Coolest Swine Flu Costume

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