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Original Homemade Swine Flu Costume

My son, Jed always wants to be something funny for Halloween. Last year he was a fat plumber with a plunger, rubber gloves and poop all over his shirt and face. It was really chocolate pudding. This year I had to outdo myself and so I thought it would be funny and scary at the same time for him to dress in a “Homemade Swine Flu Costume.”

I purchased a pink sweat suit at Wal-mart for $10. I wrote with Swine Flu on the front of the sweatshirt. I made his eyes and mouth black and put red on his cheeks so he looked like he had a fever. He wore pig ears, nose and a tail. I cut hoofs out of black felt paper and stuck it on the bottom of the pants and on his hands. On the back of the shirt I wrote Stay Away in big black letters.

It was a real hit at the Halloween party he attended. I think it scared the mothers when they heard the “Swine Flu” was at the party. It was easy to make and he sure turned a lot of heads.

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