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Coolest Homemade Swine Flu Couple Costume

My wife and I were going to a party at our apartment complex and we wanted to have a “couples costume” but due to budget constraints, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I found the “pig” glasses and instantly thought of a Homemade Swine Flu Couple Costume and how to visualize a literal version to make a costume.

Some pink duct tape and cheap surgical masks from the pharmacy and we were all set. The costumes were a big hit! This was a very comfortable costume, we just wore our bed clothes (cause that’s what you do when your sick), put on the glasses and masks and were ready to go!

This costume won first place in the apartments and caused a lot of laughter. I always enjoyed funny costumes and costumes that make you think for a second so I hope we’ve accomplished that. Just beware, if you try this costume, there will be people that ask if you actually “have” swine flu!

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  1. Hey, i love this costume idea so much, that I’m going to be it for Halloween tomorrow night, with my friend, we are so excited, thank you so much for the idea


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