Coolest Upside-Down Bieber Costumes

My two girlfriends and I actually got the idea for an upside-person costume from your website! We were looking for a different costume idea for this Halloween that preferably didn’t entail booty shorts, and we stumbled across this gem. A trip to Goodwill, three XL men dress shirts, and a few abysmal trial runs was all it took to finalize our costumes (and of course, you wouldn’t believe how much the three of us laughed in the process of putting these together).

The Bieber part was just an afterthought. We were deciding between an upside-down Bob Saget and an upside-down Bieber, and the teeny-bopper took the gold! Thanks for taking a look at our Homemade Upside-Down Bieber Costumes.

Homemade Upside-Down Bieber Costumes

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