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Coolest Homemade Upside down Gorilla Halloween Costume

My son wanted to be a gorilla for Halloween. So I suggested an upside down gorilla. I found the gorilla mask and hands at Target. I was very lucky to find the gorilla feet slippers at a department store. I found an old shirt and went to Goodwill to find some overalls. I found some maternity overalls and made it work.

I cut a hole in the overalls and sewed in some black mesh material so that he could see. I made a frame out of pvc pipe for the legs. I attached the frame by putting it in a (stuffed with newspaper) backpack. Then I used a belt to secure the backpack to his body. I then put the overalls over the pvc pipe and his head and stuffed it with fiberfill to give it bulk.

I attached the feet with black duct tape. I attached the hands to some flip flops and put them on his feet. I sewed the gorilla head onto the shirt. Everybody seemed to love his homemade upside down gorilla Halloween costume, except for the little kids who were scared.

This costume was pretty cheap (@$30) to make and entertained many people. My son loved wearing it and didn’t want to take it off. He entertained people by moving the head up and down.

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