While the mama of the family is wearing the costume, the idea came from one of the youngest members of the family, 5 year old Ian. Ian likes to be silly, and he especially loves to make people laugh. He spent a solid week trying to perfect the “handstand”, and he wanted to be upside down all the time. This led to the idea of “upside down man”.

This costume was free to make, using clothes we already had, but it took a lot of trial and error to find pieces that worked well! We initially wanted to make an upside down business man, trying a nice button-up shirt and nice boots. While we liked the theory, the execution didn’t play out as well. It actually reminded me of the character from “Little Monsters”, when he started to shrink. Not what we were going for! We settled on the large hoodie, hoping that might help with the affect of having a head in th proper place. Unfortunately, our balloon-face popped before we were able to take the attached photo.

This costume was a little hard to walk in, with one arm having to be straight up the entire time. The tiny eye-holes and lack of fresh air made it difficult as well, but the giggles from the kids and surprised looks made it fun and worthwhile for me. My kids loved telling people that I wasn’t really upside down! Even though they saw the creation of the costume, it was difficult for them to remember that the costume was just an illusion. As a homeschooling mom, it was fun to watch them entertain such a thought-provoking concept.

This costume was our first, creative and homemade one, but next year I hope to make it a family project. I can’t wait to let my kids come up with ideas, and manage to execute them together!