This homemade upside down clown Halloween costume was a hit at the Halloween Party! It may look as if my daughter is standing on her hands,but her hands are actually at her sides. It is just an illusion!

The clown’s legs and feet are made of light weight wood that is fastened to a belt around her waist. A staple gun was used to attach the clown feet to the wood. We drew a clown head on white fabric and topped it with a clown wig. Gloves were stuffed and used to attach to her sneakers. There is an opening in the back so she could get into the costume. We fastened it shut with Velcro.

The fabric pieces of the homemade upside down clown Halloween costume were sewn together by hand. There is a mesh opening in the front, below the pom poms so that she can see. We had so much fun coming up with this idea. It was great to see everyone’s reaction when she walked by!