Coolest T-X Terminator Costume

After countless days… weeks and months I finally decided to go through with my idea of doing T-X/Terminatrix (the female terminator in Terminator 3: rise of the machines). First, was figuring out the essence of the character: T-X was very plain when her “robot” self was not exposed- I decided to mix it up.

The character has a lot of blue glow. I incorporated the glow through LED lights – a hole was cut from the inside of jacket were the pocket is located and lights were brought in through the hole and then sowed into the inside-side panels of the jacket- the lights were positioned upwards to highlight the chest- the battery pack was stored in the front jacket pocket.

The same thing was done on the other side of jacket with another batter pack but only one long blue LED wire. This wire was passed through up and out the opposite sleeve which I ripped out to expose arm (LED wire was detachable from battery pack allowing me to position it into the “open flesh and metal gears prosthetic” I bought at a prop store).

Small holes were made on prosthetic to pass LED wire in and out of it. the wires were then glued with spirit gum to stay on the prosthetic) and also glued on my upper arm and shoulder- another prosthetic resembling a metal tubing was used to cover the exposed LED wire from the ripped sleeve to the “open flesh” one.

I cut holes into one of the pants sleeves (opposite side of ripped jacket sleeve) and from the inside sowed another batch of fairy lights (like the ones used in the jacket) positioning each light as close to the ripped holes as possible I wore black tights to give full effect of leg lights.

My friend helped with face paint where I also glued some electrical wire pieces. Since I had a lot of wire left over from the one inserted in the prosthetic, I passed it through behind my neck and over my left ear curving it onto the side of my face (with spirit glue) another “metal tube prosthetic” was used to cover it as the LED wire went down my face and unto my neck.

The remainder of the wire was placed under my left arm where it would meet with the connecting wire to the battery pack- all LED lights used had settings from either solid glow or blinking glow (solid glow is good to come out in photos- blinking glow looks AMAZING in person).

So after 3 days of work (1 hour a day) and 2 and 1/2 hours to detail my face makeup. I finalized my T-X Terminator Costume with a blue neon contact on my “robot side” of the face and I was ready to find “JOHN CONNOR” Enjoy!! :D

Making of T-X costume video:

Coolest T-X Terminator Costume - designing robot face

Coolest T-X Terminator Costume - testing arm lights

Coolest T-X Terminator Costume - testing chest lights

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