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Homemade Terminator T-800 Costume

Terminator 1 inspired makeup with damage to facial area.

I wanted to keep it basic this year and present a clean but effective makeup that was more realistic and paid tribute to Terminator 1.

I wanted to be as realistic as possible with my choice of application as well as materials used to create the damage effect on the forehead. I originally chose to use a piece of sheet metal to make the makeup authentic, however when I applied the makeup to my head, the metal would not stick to skin unless I used an exhorbent amount of liquid latex and that would not work for a clean design.

My second option was to use plastic and spray paint with metallic color paint. I chose to go with this route but ran into various obstacles with paint seemingly not drying, paint that would not stick to the plastic for some reason, and then application was a nightmare with plastic and liquid latex not working together!

Finally I was able to get the plastic and the liquid latex to work together but I needed to “rough” the backside of the plastic with a strip of sandpaper. Once plastic was applied to my forehead, the next step was creating the torn away flesh look. For this effect, I used liquid latex and toilet paper to showed frayed/torn/burned back edges of skin around the wound. This was then painted by hand with several different painting techniques.

The last effect was the eye. For the eye I used an LED built into a pair of sunglasses which was covered with black felt to hide the prop behind the sunglass lens. The LED was obtained from a pair of light up earrings that I dismantled and put together using hot glue and some love and tenderness!

I hope you enjoy my costume!

Homemade Terminator T-800 Costume

Homemade Terminator T-800 Costume

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