I created this The Terminator costume for my son this year.  We love watching  sci-fi, action, and fantasy movies together. And every year he picks a character from one of the movies we watched.

For the actual costume I used black jeans, black shirt, black pleather jacket, black combat boots, and a pair of my husband’s work sunglasses. For an accessory, I spray painted a dollar store shotgun black.

The mask was a little difficult since it was my first time making a latex mask. I used plaster of paris to make a mold of his face. Once that was dry, I used non-drying clay to shape and mold the mask. Once I was done with that I rubbed a little alcohol on it to help it dry a little. Then I used a sponge brush and brushed on 8-9 coats of liquid latex on the clay (Being careful to make the edges thinner).

After the latex was dry I brushed on baby powder bore peeling it off to help it from sticking. After removing the latex mask, I flipped it over and inserted cotton balls mixed with liquid latex into the groves to help the mask keep its shape.

For the eye I glued a half of a styrofoam ball with a hole cut out and a small red LED light inserted in the hole  to make it more realistic.  After everything was dry I painted the front with metallic silver paint to make it look like metal.  When it was time to apply the mask, I used a little liquid latex around the edges to make it stick to the face. After it was dry I used foundation to blend certain areas to look like his skin color and then used metallic silver eye shadow mixed with latex to to make the metal area more realistic.

And the finished Terminator costume was worth the time!!!

My son was ecstatic and thought he looked great!! We had numerous compliments when we went to the local Halloween festivities.