Coolest Terminator Costume

Our oldest son is an Arnold fanatic! When he asked to be Terminator, we knew this would have to be a homemade ordeal. So we started our Homemade Terminator Costume with a basic pair of blue jeans, a black belt, a pair of black dress shoes, a black undershirt, and a leather hand-me-down jacket.

He already had a toy shotgun that we spray painted black (leaving the tip orange, of course). Now the hard part… how to make him look like a cyborg. After an extensive search in local Halloween stores, we could not find any metal-looking prosthetics for the face. We settled for a piece designed to be bone and an empty eye socket. We took a pair of tanning goggles and cut on of the eye covers off and glued it in the empty socket hole.

After a few hours of using acrylic silver, black, grey, brown, flesh-toned, and red paint, we got the desired result – the look of a half-blown off face, revealing metal bone-structure underneath. Once the face piece was glued on our son’s face, we used theatrical blood and face paint to make him look charred and bloody. He was very pleased with his Terminator costume!

Homemade Terminator Costume

Homemade Terminator Costume

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