Coolest Tooth Fairy Costume

This year my 6 year old daughter wanted a tooth fairy for Halloween! I did not know where to begin, I mean who has ever seen the Tooth Fairy?
So I went to the store and got 2 yards of heavy tooly and some elastic, made a skirt, then hand sewed in a woman’s size small slip into the waist band.

I then made a small pocket to attach to the skirt and glued fake money into it and wrote “Tooth Money” on it in silver glitter. Added some ribbon and the skirt was done!

The shirt is a dance outfit with a felt cout out of a molar on it with silver glitter glue outline on it. The “Crown” is a bunch of felt molar cut outs that are outlined in silver glitter glue and stitched together, so is the trick or treat bucket. The wand has a tooth pillow on it too!

Easy to make!

7 thoughts on “Coolest Tooth Fairy Costume”

  1. My 6 yr old wants to be a tooth fairy this year and I have been looking for ideas and this one is awesome! Thanks for sharing such a creative tooth fairy costume. I am all set with my daughters costume now :)

  2. I just did some updates on this costume the other day, I made a pink skirt out of the toolie to go under it, got a longer slip to go under it, hand stitched on some battery operated Christmas lights to the inside waist band of the white skirt, added a few more pink and silver ribbons to the skirt, and bought a hot pink tooth brush and some dental floss and stitched those to the waist band in the front. It looks even cuter now! Plus the wings she has are pink with silver glitter!

    Total cost: around $30.00

  3. I want to be the tooth fairy next year…I’m def borrowing your idea of lights, and that sweet hat, if you don’t mind.

  4. Im glad your pic was the first one I clicked. my 4yr old wants to be a tooth fairy this year all because her older sister is losing her 3rd tooth, lol.

  5. i thought my daughter was the only one in the world who wanted to be the tooth fairy for Halloween! so happy I came across this pic. awesome job!

  6. My daughter also wants to be the tooth fairy but she wants her little brother to be a tooth! I like the costume ideas shared. I am thinking of making a wagon into a cloud with quilt batting for the kids to ride on because figure the tooth fairy has to live somewhere with all of the teeth that she has collected.

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