Coolest Titanic Costume

This spectacular homemade Titanic costume is flawless. Hard work, sweat, and tears were just a few things that was put into this 6 hour project. The paint job correctly corresponds how the real Titanic looked 99 years ago. Suspenders clip on the inside for easy take-on/off ability. They also create a bouncing affect when walking, to create the illusion of the boat crashing through the waves of the sea. Massive amounts of duck tape and reinforcing cardboard supports the skeleton of the costume.

This is the best Titanic costume ever created I can assure you that because every step that was involved in creating this masterpiece was crafted with a touch of love and respect for the glorious ship herself. The pointy bow is perfect for sailing through a sea of people, and their jaws will drop when they see in big bold letters, TITANIC, written clearly on the bow as you scurry away in the costume. And of course the ensemble would not be complete without a Titanic replica whistle, and captain’s hat, which unfortunately is not shown in the picture but I can assure you that both were worn. Look no further, this is the best costume of the year.

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