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Captain of the Unsinkable Titanic Costume

My father and I made this ship costume for my 5 yr old son. He loves everything about Titanic. The wood ship is 8 ft long and weights about 30lbs. My father assembled the wood by dipping it in water and bending it. Painting it did not take to much time but it was especially fun when my son was helping. The port holes were drilled through on some but others did not go all the way through.  When lights were put in it it gave the illusion that people were in their state room. Smoke stacks made from cardboard tubes with a place to put water and dry ice so it would smoke but only the first three because my son said the fourth was only for looks. The propellers were hand carved along with the anchors and were made of oak.  The railing was made of tiny wood sticks with wire ran through them and anchored in tiny holes along with glue. The ship had places for my son to stand inside so we could push him around. The biggest challange I had was trying to figuer out what to use for the port holes. I decided to use the round tabs that go over holes that are punched in paper to keep it from ripping. I sprayed them gold and used tweezers and super glue to hold them on.  The costume he wore was made hy a friend of mine following a patter we found on line. I also ordered him medals to attach to it to give him the captain appearance. He loved the costume and still plays with it.

People were amazed at the costume and asked to take many pictures of it. He won a couple of contest with it and was chosen to be in the Titanic newsletter that is sent around the world.

It took us about four months to make it but it was worth it. We really enjoyed working together to give him something to be proud of.

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