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Coolest Tippi Hedren Adult Halloween Costume

I went as Tipi Hedron from “The Birds.”

In order to make this look, I first found a green dress/jacket at Savers that was hemmed to give it a more 60’s look.  Then, I had to find the birds!  I was able to find these at the dollar store. They were made out of styrofoam and covered in feathers, so they were very light.  This was important, because I attached the birds all over the jacket (and to elastic bands that went around my wrists) as well as attached them from wires so they stuck up from my shoulders.

I found a cheap platinum blond wig at Savers as well and twisted it up into a bun before attaching more birds to it. These were definitely the hit of the night!  They stuck out in all sorts of crazy directions and “bobbed” when I moved.  I even ripped some hair out of the wig and glued it onto the beak of the bird on my shoulder.

The final touches was the cuts/bloody makeup.  Mess up your hair, add some pearls (I already owned these), and some pumps and you’re good to go.  I got GREAT reactions all night when I was out an about and everyone loved it at the party that I went to.  It was definitely a memorable Halloween.

I went as Tipi Hedron from

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