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Best Homemade Tippy Hedren from “The Birds” Costume

To make this Tippy Hedren from “The Birds” costume you will need:

  •  Hot glue gun
  •  Pliable wire (long twist ties stripped of casing will do)
  •  Safety Pins
  •  Black Spray paint
  •  Styrofoam block
  •  Wreath Birds (5+)
  •  Green Suit you can rip up
  •  Nylons you can rip
  •  Fake blood
  •  Black Cardboard
  •  Black feathers

I started by going to the thrift store to pick up a used green suit. When I do Halloween, first I want to be as cost savvy as possible, and I like to be as accurate as possible. Tippy was wearing a light green suit in the movie, but I found this dark green one that fit perfect. I went to the local dollar store next to find some crows. The ones they did have were just too big and heavy so I purchase wreath birds, you know the tiny little ones that perch in wreaths? Well you can get 2 and 3 packs of those for  $1-$2 bucks. The only problem is that their wings aren’t open, and I wanted the birds to look like they were attacking me. So I bought black cardboard and black feathers.

Next I cut out a spread wings shape out of the black cardboard – about 6-8inches long, and 3inches wide. I then placed the black feathers onto the card board wings, overlapping just slightly. The feathers were longer than the cardboard, but I just glued the on and trimmed the excess.

I glued the new wings to the bird’s back, where it looked as if the bird’s own wings were open. The wreath birds already come with wire attached to their feet, so I stuck each bird into a block of Styrofoam, and proceeded to spray paint the entire bird, so it was completely black.

Once dry, I wove each birds wire randomly on my suit, keeping in mind how a bird would actually look attacking me! Another thing you could do (and I chose not too because I wanted to be as mobile as possible) is make a mobile crown for your head, with a bird attached on a string – to give the illusion of a bird flying around your head think of an angel halo).

I reserved 3 birds for my hair, which I teased and sprayed like crazy, and the birds sat in there pretty easily, with the help of a few bobby pins. I ripped my panty hose and the jacket, I added some blood and VOILA!  Great costume, minimal effort, all for under $20!

You will need:
-Hot glue gun
-Pliable wire (long twist ties stripped of casing will do)
-Safety Pins
-Black Spray paint
-Styrofoam block
- Wrea

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